Progress & Updates

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In November 2021, the plans to move the cemetery were changed to keep this resting place untouched. Brickworks will be gifting additional land for a cemetery expansion and building an alternate access road to Woodbury Township Cemetery.

December 2021

December 2021

The Woodbury Township Cemetery Expansion Committee sends letters informing Next of Kin/Plot Owners of changes including a property exchange and alternate access road. [Click here for PDF]

November 2021

Brickworks withdraws its offer to pay for the relocation of the Woodbury Township Cemetery. [Click here for PDF]

October 2021

The Woodbury Township Cemetery Expansion Committee informs Brickworks of an unforeseen increase in relocation costs from the Iowa Office of State Archeologist. [Click here for PDF]

October 2021

Cemetery Expansion Committee Report due to Woodbury Township Board for evaluation.

August 2021

Cemetery Expansion Committee sends letters to Next of Kin/Plot Owners and prepares a news release announcing the opportunity.

July 2021

Woodbury Township Board passes Resolution creating the Cemetery Expansion Committee to evaluate Brickworks offer, send letters to the Next of Kin and Plot Owners requesting feedback through an online survey, and prepare a report for the Board. [Click here for PDF]

June 2021

Brickworks North America delivers a Letter of Intent to the Woodbury Township Board to build a new cemetery and relocate the existing cemetery contingent upon approval from the Township Board and the Court. [Click here for PDF]

March 2021

Preliminary Discussion with the Woodbury Township Board about expanding the Township Cemetery.

January 2021

Brickworks Limited Board of Directors (ASX:BKW – Sydney, Australia) approves the proposal to financially  sponsor the construction of a new cemetery and, upon court approval, the relocation of the burial sites in the existing cemetery.

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